Measures the quality of early learning facilities and helps improve it.

WELS is the Web Based Early Learning system designed for early childhood school administration agencies to track the quality of child care centers and homes.

It is an automated Quality Rating Data System (QRIS) for early learning schools. The system collects and track data for all the standards associated with the quality of child care centers.

Some of the standards the system currently tracks are: Licensing information, Assessment scores for the learning environment, checklists for program administration and family engagement, staff education and credentials, and curriculum.

The system has the capability to create customized workplans based on the needs found during the assessment and checklist processes. It also automates feeds to foreign electronic assessment data.

WELS was originally concieved by Muriel Wong Lundgren. She’s set out to build a system based on best practices and evidence based science. And now it has grown into a full fledged application to manage child care facilities’ quality. The Bluejeanware/WELS team has been nurturing WELS into adulthood.

To learn more go to them WELS Systems Foundation’s web site.